Our Team’s Thoughts and Prayers for Easter 2020

Easter is that special time of the year when we remember the all that Jesus Christ won for us through His death and resurrection. That moment in history is what we as believers put our faith and trust in, and during these challenging times of COVID-19 this is a source of renewed hope for many. … Read more

Consumed Campaign Calls Christians to Embrace The Good Life Instead of Over-Consumption

Consumerism has become the idol of our age For followers of Jesus in Australia today, there are two stories about the ‘good life’ battling for our hearts and minds. Our culture’s story says that happiness comes through the accumulation of more stuff. By contrast, the Christian story invites us to be content in the grace … Read more

Employer of Choice Award winner

Here in the Christian Super office we are equal parts excited and humbled about this news… We have just picked up the Human Resources Director Employers of Choice Award – Silver Medal (1 – 99 employees). This is not just in the Superannuation industry, this is across all industries and across Australia! We were top performing … Read more

When God invites you to be generous

“Is anyone sitting here?” an older man with a suitcase asks. I indicate that the seat beside me is free so he sits and reaches to get a book out of his suitcase. He is clean shaven and casually, but neatly dressed, although his Akubra style hat that has seen better days. It’s a busy … Read more

Rediscovering magic in the classroom

The classroom is a magical place. It’s a place where knowledge is created, a place where concepts are explored and a place where questions are provoked. The classroom is also a dynamic place, which grows and develops around the needs of the students. Wall displays change, new word banks are created and work samples are … Read more