Our Services

Christian Super provides superannuation (super), investment, insurance and pension services to individuals. The Fund
offers eight investment options, including a licensed MySuper product (My Ethical Super). Our My Ethical Super dashboard is available here.

Once you are a Christian Super member, you can have your super paid into the Fund, even if you leave your current employer and start work for a new employer or if you are self employed. You can also roll over any other super you have into Christian Super, so you can save on duplicate fees and have all of your super in the one account, making it easier to manage.

The Fund is governed by a Trustee Board comprising four employer nominated directors, four member elected directors and one independent director. Governance details and disclosures required by super legislation, including remuneration details, can be found here.

The Fund operates only to benefit its members, providing high quality services while keeping costs low and only charging fees to cover these costs. Christian Super does not pay any commissions to financial advisers.

Christian Super aims to invest in accordance with biblical principles, consistent with our Statement of Faith, to ensure that member funds are managed responsibly while growing for your future needs. To this purpose we invest in corporations that care for people and God’s creation, who demonstrate sound ethical practices and meet performance standards in their social, environmental and financial stewardship.

Accordingly we avoid investments in corporations that engage in producing goods or services that have addictive or harmful effects on people (e.g. illicit drugs, gambling, tobacco, pornography); engage in activities that are excessively harmful to the environment; or practices that are predatory or exploitative or which abuse human freedom or dignity.