Quick Super checklist

Spring is here, traditionally a time where people get their houses in order. Why not take a moment to make sure your Super account is up to date?

  • Have you selected your correct occupation code?
  • Do you have sufficient insurance cover?
  • Does your investment option suit your retirement goal?
  • Are your beneficiaries listed correctly?
  • Are your contact details up to date?

Occupation Classification means the type of work you do to determine your insurance cover and cost. If you don’t disclose your occupation to Christian Super, you may pay more for your insurance than you need to.

It is important to make sure the type and amount of insurance cover you have with Christian Super is suitable for your needs and the needs of your family.

Similarly, it is important to choose the right investment option for your needs.  At Christian Super we automatically put member’s into our My Ethical Super option (our default option) which has been carefully selected as the most appropriate default option.  While this is a good start it doesn’t consider your personal needs.  It is therefore better that you consider your personal needs and select the most appropriate option (or mix of options) for these needs.  Christian Super has five investment options to choose from. Choosing the right investment option can significantly impact your long-term retirement savings.

Want more help?

We are able to help you take steps in understanding your insurance cover and investment options using Christian SuperEquip. This is a self-driven online advice tool which can assist you in choosing insurance cover and the investment option that is right for you.

Beneficiaries listings help Christian Super understand your wishes should we be required to payout your super upon your early passing.  A beneficiary nomination can come in one of two forms (binding or non-binding).

  • Binding as the name suggests is an unbreakable instruction to Christian Super, that we are required to follow when disbursing your super.  To complete a binding nomination a specific form is needed to be completed and signed by appropriate witnesses.  Binding Nominations must be renewed every 3 years to remain valid.
  • A Non-binding nomination can also be completed as an alternative. This nomination is much quicker to complete (it can be done using your online account).  A non-binding nomination gives Christian Super an indication of your desired distribution however Christian Super would still be required to consider the needs of your dependants before making a decision on how to disburse your super.

To update your contact details, occupation classification, change your investment option, change your insurance cover or get some free super advice, please call our Member Care Team on 1300 360 907 between 9am and 5pm (AEDST) Monday to Friday.

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