Privacy Policy

Christian Super ABN 66 628 776 348 (“the Fund”) has adopted this Privacy Policy to ensure that it handles private information about individuals responsibly. This Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time. This policy is currently being updated to reflect recent Privacy law amendments, and will be updated on the website as soon as this process is complete.

It is important to the Fund that individuals dealing with it are confident that the Fund respects their personal information and does not interfere with their privacy when handling this information. The Fund abides by the Australian Privacy Principles (“APPs”) under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). More information about the way the Fund manages members’ personal information can be obtained by contacting the Fund’s Privacy Officer.

Personal information

The Fund holds and uses personal information about each Fund member. Typically this includes a member’s name, address, date of birth, gender, occupation, salary, tax file number, email address, contact details and any other required information. This information is needed to maintain the Fund’s records in a format that identifies the member. These records are essential to the proper management of the Fund and to enable the Fund to provide members with superannuation benefits.

The Fund might also collect health information about a member to enable it to obtain various insurance products on behalf of the member from the Fund’s insurers or to process a member’s insurance claim. Information about a member’s potential beneficiaries is also held by the Fund.

Collection of information

The Fund usually collects this information from the members directly, or from their employer. In some circumstances, such as collection of health information for insurance applications or claims, it may collect it directly from the member. Information about potential beneficiaries of a member’s death benefit is collected from the member and is not used until the member’s death.

If a member decides not to provide the Fund with the information needed, or not to allow their employer to provide the Fund with that information, then the Fund may be limited in providing superannuation benefits to the member. Where the information is health information, this may limit the level of insurance benefits available to the member through the Fund.

Use of information

Information is collected to ensure that the Fund can administer superannuation benefits to the members. The Fund is bound by legal obligations of confidentiality, which apply to superannuation funds. It does not sell or rent out any of the information it holds on its members and protects the security of that information in accordance with regulatory requirements and industry practice.

Disclosure of information

In undertaking its obligations to its members, the Fund outsources some of its operations to other organisations. For this purpose a member’s information may, as required, be transferred to or handled by:

  • the Fund’s administrator;
  • the Fund’s auditors;
  • third party providers of products and services to Fund members, such as insurance;
  • Government bodies such as the Australian Taxation Office;
  • the Fund’s legal and other professional advisers; and
  • other business support providers, including document storage, printing and collating companies.

Should a Fund member become a member of another superannuation fund, their personal information may be transferred to that fund. Further, the employer may be provided with the member’s personal information to facilitate provision of benefits in the ordinary course of their employment.

Access to personal information

A member can access his or her own personal information by contacting the Fund’s Privacy Officer. A fee may apply. Members are encouraged to inform the Fund of any changes to their personal information as soon as possible, to ensure that the Fund can continually provide superannuation benefits to the member. If the information held by the Fund is inaccurate, incomplete or not up to date a member may request the Fund to correct the information.

There are some circumstances in which the Fund is entitled to deny a member access to information. These include circumstances where such information is used in confidential trustee decisions or in a commercially sensitive decision making process, where the privacy of others may be breached if the information was accessed or where the law requires or authorises such access to be denied. The Fund’s Privacy Officer will advise if any of these circumstances apply.

Online privacy

Christian Super maintains a website which is accessible to the public. Fund members may log into the secure section of the website in order to access information about their account.

Information which may be recorded includes the date and time of visit, the pages viewed, the internet protocol address and the operating system used to access the site. The Fund does not collect personally identifiable information from the public section of the website.

Resolution of privacy concerns

If a member is concerned about a possible interference with privacy, the member should contact the Fund’s Privacy Officer. If the member’s concerns are not resolved to the satisfaction of the member, the matter can be referred to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

Fraud prevention

As a Fund, we recognise that fraud is inherently wrong.  It is against our values and undermines member’s potential retirement outcomes and confidence in the superannuation system.  We maintain a Fraud Risk Management Policy and work to proactively prevent, detect and rectify fraudulent actions.

We are committed to helping you protect your super and we have secure measures in place to ensure your super is safe. If you identify any unusual activity on your super account or are concerned that you may be a target of fraudulent activity, please report it to our Member Care Team on 1300 360 907. Your security is important to us and our Member Care Team are prepared to discuss any concerns you might have and help you take the right next steps!

Contact the Fund’s Privacy Officer

The Privacy Officer
Address: Christian Super PO Box 3035 RHODES NSW 2138
Telephone: 1800 45 1566