PDS, Guides and Forms

Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

Our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) covers key information you need to know about Christian Super. Further information, such as our ethical investment charter, insurance plans and investment options may be found in the associated guides below. The guides below should be read in conjunction with the PDS.

General Guides


Download a Member Application Form. You can also join Christian Super online in minutes by clicking here.

Compliance Letter (Choice of Fund Letter) – Provide your employer with a copy of our Compliance Letter, to enable them to contribute to your Christian Super account.

Transfer of Superannuation – If you have your other super fund details handy, you can login to MemberAccess or you can complete the Transfer of Superannuation form to consolidate your accounts. If you do not know the details of your other super funds, please contact us and we’ll find them for you.

Investment Choice – You can login to MemberAccess to make changes to your investment options, or you can complete the Investment Choice Form for your superannuation or pension account.

Change of Membership Details Form – Complete this form to notify us of a change of Name, Contact Details and Non-binding Beneficiary Nomination. If you just want to change your name use the Change of Name Form. You can also make some of these changes via MemberAccess or by contacting us.

Binding Beneficiary Nomination – Binding Beneficiary Nominations require the Trustee to pay your benefit to your nominated beneficiaries in the event of your death and must be renewed every 3 years.

Intent to Claim a Tax Deduction Form – This form allows you to claim or vary a tax deduction for personal super contributions. Simply return the form to members@test.christiansuper.com.au or Locked Bag 5073, Parramatta NSW 2124 once the financial year ends.

Member Contribution – Use this form to make personal contributions via cheque or to claim spouse contributions – there is more information on page two of this form.

Contribution Splitting – Complete this form if you want to split part of your super contributions into your spouse’s account.

Third Party Authorisation – Complete this form to give permission for a third-party, such as a financial planner, to access your Christian Super account information.

Benefit Payment Form – Use this form to make lump sum withdrawals or transfer your funds into another super fund. Please ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements for lump sum withdrawals before lodging your request.

Employment Questionaire Form – For members aged 65-74 only.

Early Release of Super

This form is not available online. Please contact us for a copy if you are an existing member wishing to request early release of your preserved superannuation benefit under severe financial hardship.

Insurance Forms

Complete the Insurance Choice Form and Personal Health Statement to increase your Death, TPD and Income Protection insurance. You may also be able to transfer your existing insurance policy to Christian Super, please review the Transfer of Insurance Form to view the eligibility requirements.