Our Values & Statement of Faith

Our desire is to be faithful to Christ both individually and as an organisation, consistently obedient to a Biblical understanding of the following core values:

  • We display integrity through high standards of behaviour, ethical processes and ethical dealings with all with whom we come into contact, including our members, employers, the broader industry and each other.
  • We are relational with a ‘people over process’ focus.
  • Our products, people and processes are professional.
  • We will be intentional and prudent in all our activities.
  • We will be innovative as an organisation and as individuals.

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Statement of Faith


There is one God and He is sovereign and eternal. He is revealed in the Bible as three equal divine Persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God depends on nothing and no one; everything and everyone depends on Him. God is holy, just, wise, loving and good.

God created all things of His own sovereign will, and by His Word they are sustained and controlled.

God is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is also Father of all whom He has adopted as His children.

Because of God’s faithfulness and His fatherly concern, nothing can separate His children from His love and care.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the eternally existing, only begotten Son of the Father. He is the Creator and Sustainer of all things. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin, truly God and truly man. He lived a sinless life and died in our place. He was buried, rose from the dead in bodily form and ascended to heaven. Jesus is King of the universe and Head of the Church, His people whom He has redeemed. He will return to gather His people to Himself, to judge all people and bring in the consummation of God’s Kingdom.

The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son. He convicts people of their sin, leads them to repentance, creates faith within them and regenerates them. He is the source of their new sanctified life bringing forth His fruit in the life of believers. He gifts believers according to His sovereign will, enabling them to serve the Lord.

The Bible

The Bible, which is comprised of the books of the Old and New Testament, is the inspired, inerrant and infallible Word of God, and the only absolute guide for all faith and conduct. It is indispensable and determinative for our knowledge of God, of ourselves and of the rest of creation.

God’s World

Adam and Eve, the parents of all humankind were created in the image of God to worship their Creator by loving and serving Him, and by exercising dominion under God’s rule by inhabiting, possessing, ruling, caring for and enjoying God’s creation. Consequently the purpose of human existence is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

Sin entered the world through Adam’s disobedience, because of which all people are alienated from God and each other and, as a result, they and all creation are under God’s judgment.

All people have sinned and, if outside of Christ, are in a fallen, sinful, lost condition, helpless to save themselves, under God’s condemnation and blind to life’s true meaning and purpose.

God holds each person responsible and accountable for choices made and actions pursued. Human responsibility and accountability do not limit God’s sovereignty. God’s sovereignty does not diminish human responsibility and accountability.
Salvation from the penalty of sin is found only through the substitutionary, atoning death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. As the sinless One, He took upon Himself the just punishment for our sins.

Through His death and resurrection, the Lord Jesus has destroyed the power of Satan, who is destined to be confined forever to hell along with all those who reject Jesus as Lord. Out of gratitude for God’s grace and in dependence on the Holy Spirit, God’s people are called to live lives worthy of their calling in love and unity and in obedience to God in all spheres of life. They are responsible to ensure that the gospel is faithfully proclaimed.