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Types of Advice and Costs Involved

Types of Financial Advice and how you can access these through Christian Super Financial Advice can seem like a complex topic, involving a lot of financial terms with meanings and interpretations which may be unknown to you. This page has been designed to help you understand the different types of financial advice and how you … Read more

Our Team’s Thoughts and Prayers for Easter 2020

Easter is that special time of the year when we remember the all that Jesus Christ won for us through His death and resurrection. That moment in history is what we as believers put our faith and trust in, and during these challenging times of COVID-19 this is a source of renewed hope for many. … Read more

Contentment in a World of Want

Greed is one of the many vices we grapple with as human beings. It seems a modern dilemma, but it is as old as time. We are blessed to be alive in the 21st Century in the developed world. With amazing medical advances, prosperity and technological advantages, we live longer and more comfortable lives than … Read more

Changes to Minimum Pension Drawdown Rates

The Federal Government has announced that the minimum pension drawdown rates will be temporarily halved for the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 financial years. This change will provide greater flexibility for retirees who do not wish to sell their investment assets during this time, when the value of those assets is reduced. Does this apply to you? … Read more

Putting Members’ Interests First

No Insurance cover for accounts under $6,000 or if you’re under 25 years of age The Government has recently passed new legislation to ensure that superannuation members with low account balances are not paying premiums for insurance cover that may erode their retirement savings. In accordance with this new legislation, we will be required to automatically … Read more

March 2020 Market Update

We have no doubt that our members are concerned about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impacts on our society and economy. The Christian Super investment team have supplied the following market commentary to help explain what is happening and what we might expect to see in the coming weeks and months. Markets are dominated by … Read more