Trustee Board

Employers and members are equally represented on the Trustee Board. The Trustee operates the National Office to coordinate the Fund’s management and development activities. External service providers have been appointed to handle the Fund’s investment, insurance and administration activities. The role of the Board is to:

  • Promote the vision and values of the Fund
  • Ensure that the Fund’s Statement of Faith is effectively outworked in the life of the Fund.
  • Set the strategic direction of the Fund and monitor the implementation and achievement of that strategic direction
  • Ensure prudent management of the Trustee’s business operations
  • Ensure the Trustee meets its legal and regulatory obligations
  • Approve and monitor the Fund’s risk management systems
  • Appoint and review the performance of the Chief Executive Officer

The Trustee Board meets quarterly, and an Attendance Register for the last 7 years is available here. Each director is also a member of at least one Board Committee, that operate in accordance with the Committees Charter and Terms of Reference. Each committee meets quarterly, with the exception of the Ethics Committee, which meets twice a year.

  • Audit & Compliance Committee
  • Board Governance & Remuneration Committee
  • Community Engagement Committee
  • Ethics Committee
  • Investment Committee
  • Risk Committee

All Directors undertake ongoing education and training relevant to their duties to ensure they have appropriate skills with reference to the Fund’s Trustee Standards, and the Board maintains annual Board, director and senior manager performance processes which have been carried out in the past year. Currently, the Board is comprised of:

Neville Cox (Chair)

Neville CoxQualifications: GradDipCM, FIPA, FGIA, FCIS, F Fin, JP.

Work: Neville is currently the Chairman of Advertiles Corporation, Chairman of Work Ventures, Chairman of Focus on the Family Australia, Chairman of the Australian College of Ministries and a director of Excelsia College.

Trustee: Neville has been a sponsor representative since March 2008. Neville brings a broad range of financial services expertise.

Fund Objectives: Neville’s focus is to see Christian Super optimise the return to members over time in the context of a Christian perspective.

Fund Responsibilities:

  • Chair from September 2015
  • Chair of Investment Committee.
  • Member of Board Governance & Remuneration Committee.

John Peberdy (Deputy Chair)

John-Peberdy-200x300Qualifications: ANZIIF (Snr Assoc), CIP, GAICD

Work: John’s portfolio includes a number of Christian and Business Boards, a small amount of consulting in Risk Management and General Management. Also an accredited Mentor, and hoping to build this part of the portfolio in due course

Trustee: John is an independent director and has been on the Board since 2013.

Fund Objectives: John hopes to see Christian Super demonstrate that an ethical organisation, focussed on honouring God through serving the Christian Community, can achieve excellence in performance.

Fund Responsibilities:

  • Deputy Chair from October 2014
  • Chair of Board Governance & Remuneration Committee
  • Chair of Audit & Compliance Committee

Yvonne Boswarva

Yvonne BoswarvaQualifications: LLM, Post GradDip Acct, B Comm (Acct & BA), Cert. Gov, Chartered Accountant, FCPA, GAICD.

Work: Yvonne has held senior management and financial roles in the oil and gas industry, school and tertiary education and with KPMG.  Yvonne has held a number of Board appointments including an appointment to a corporate superannuation fund in the oil and gas industry.

Trustee: Yvonne joined the Board as a sponsor-appointed director in September 2016.

Fund Objectives: Yvonne’s focus as a member of the Board is to be a good steward of members’ retirement savings, making ethical decisions grounded on Biblical principles, supporting fund members in achieving a secure and rewarding retirement and striving for sound and sustainable investment returns.

Fund Responsibilities:

  • Member of Audit and Compliance Committee
  • Member of Risk Committee

Paul Campey

Paul CampeyQualifications: FCA, BBus, MBA, Cert Gov, MAICD, MACEL, JP

Work: Paul is a Partner at Resolve Consulting Chartered Accountants and serves on the Boards of a number of Christian organisations in Australia and overseas. He has previously worked as Business Manager in two large Christian Schools.

Trustee: Paul has been a member representative since April 2011, and was re-elected in 2017 for a further 3-year term. Paul was also a sponsor representative from 1998 to 2003.

Fund Objectives: Paul’s focus is to provide excellent returns to members to enable them to have a purposeful retirement with all aspects of the Fund in accordance with Christian values.

Fund Responsibilities:

  • Chair of Community Engagement Committee
  • Member of Board Governance & Remuneration Committee

Libby Klein

Libby Klein
Qualifications: LLB (Hons), B.Agr.Sc (Hons), GAICD

Work: Libby is a Consultant with Prolegis Lawyers, advising not-for-profits and social enterprises on governance and legal issues. She has a background in financial services and a particular interest in impact investing. Libby is also a member of the Law Council of Australia Charities and Not-for-profits Committee, and the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission Professional Users Group, and is a director of Churches of Christ Financial Services.

Fund Objectives: Libby is keen to help Christian Super provide benefits to members in ways which are financially rewarding for members, and are also consistent with members’ values, recognising that the way we invest impacts the world for better or worse.

Fund Responsibilities:

  • Board member
  • Investment Committee member
  • Ethics Committee member

Graeme Janes

Graeme JanesQualifications: B Bus. , GAICD, GradCertArts (Theology)

Work: Graeme is currently Chief Executive Officer of the Christian Venues Association (CVA). CVA represents the interests of and advocates on behalf of its almost 200 members, spread throughout Australia. Prior to this Graeme worked as General Manager of Emmaus Bible College. During his time in this role he had , for periods of time, concurrently held the roles of Business Manager at growing Christian School in Sydney and CEO of Lutanda Children’s Services. Prior to this he worked in a senior management role in the commercial sector, as well as spending 15 years as the Program Director at The Collaroy Centre..

Trustee: Graeme has been a member representative since 2013, and was re-elected in 2017 for a further 3-year term.

Fund Objectives: Graeme desires to see Christian Super maintaining its position of providing above average returns to members, whilst at no time compromising its stance of being a strongly Biblical focused company. He would also like to see the company remain alert to members needs and concerns and be able to respond appropriately.

Fund Responsibilities:

  • Member of Community Engagement Committee
  • Chair of Ethics Committee

Ross Langford

Ross LangfordQualifications: B Com, FFin, JP. Member of AICD & RMA.

Work: Ross currently works as Head of Credit Assurance, Risk Management Australia, Rabobank. Previously he has worked as Head of Finance, Property & Administration at St George Christian School. He has also been a director of Baptist Financial Services Limited since March 2015.

Trustee: Ross has been a member representative since April 2008, and was re-elected in 2017 for a further 3-year term.

Fund Objectives: Ross hopes to see Christian Super become the number one fund choice for Christians, while remaining distinctly Christian, providing quality service at a reasonable cost, and encouraging the Christian sector to cooperate more closely.

Fund Responsibilities:

  • Chair of the Risk Committee
  • Member of Board Governance & Remuneration Committee
  • Member of Investment Committee

Ruth Limkin

Ruth LimkinQualifications:BBus; GAICD; Assoc. Dip C Min.

Work: Ruth is currently the CEO of The Banyans Health and Wellness. Ruth has held previous roles as a consulting operations manager with Prominence Pty Ltd, the founding director of Next Steps Kindergarten, the CEO of Nexus Care and four years as Chief of Staff to the Queensland Speaker Fiona Simpson. Ruth is also on the Board of Bible Society Australia.

Trustee: Ruth joined the Board as a sponsor-appointed director in September 2016.

Fund Objectives: Ruth’s desire is to see Christian Super as a leading superannuation fund, providing confidence and security for Members, releasing resources for good through diligent care, and demonstrating the positive nature of ethical leadership and investment.

Fund Responsibilities:

  • Member of Community Engagement Committee
  • Member of Ethics Committee

Lily Ng

Lily NgQualifications: B Com, FCPA, ACIS, JP.

Work: Lily is an Executive Business Manager of Toongabbie Christian College in Sydney.  In March 2018, Lily took on a wider role as the Director of Corporate Services for the College executing the strategic plan roll out.  She is also the Company Secretary of Toongabbie Christian College Ltd.  Before joining this College in 1999, Lily worked in AMP Investments for 8 years and State Street Bank for 5 years.

Trustee: Lily joined the Board as a member-appointed director in April 2017.

Fund Objectives: Lily’s passion is to see Christian Super grow even stronger and even more competitive in the market, that Christian Super would be a leading Superannuation Fund for all Christians. Lily would like to see Christian Super being an effective and powerful witness for our Lord Jesus Christ in the wider commercial world.

Fund Responsibilities:

  • Member of Investment Committee
  • Member of Audit & Compliance Committee
  • Member of Risk Committee