About Christian Super

We are an Australian superannuation fund with 28,000 members and more than $1.6 billion in funds under management. Operating since 1984, we invest our members retirement funds ethically in line with Christian values. We are also a world leader in impact investing, with 10% of funds within investments that aim to generate both financial returns, and positive social or environmental outcomes. As an industry super fund we return all profits to members, and also have a dedicated in-house Member Care Team to best serve our members.

Our Story

1984 – Humble Beginnings
Formerly known as Christian Community Schools Superannuation Fund, we began as an education based super fund grounded in biblical principles.

2000 – Growing Fund
We changed our name to Christian Super, broadened our member base and extended our services to other Christian ministry organisations.

2006 – Ethical Investments
We rose to the challenge of ethical investing and committed ourselves to ethically screening all of our investments.

2007 – Impact Investing
We took our ethical investment approach further and started impact investing, to help find solutions to social or environmental issues around the world, while also generating a financial return for members.

Present – Our Story Continues
Today we manage around $1.6 billion, with 10% allocated to impact investments. We remain grounded in biblical principles, committed to serving our 28,000 members, and continue to be global leaders in ethical and impact investing.

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