Grow your super while helping people flourish

Grow your super with ethical impact investments

Want to do more than just grow your superannuation for your retirement? Join Christian Super and we’ll put your super to work right away. Not only will your super be growing with competitive returns, but your super will also be helping rebuild familiesfamers thrive, providing education, reducing waste along with hundreds of other impact investments. We believe that God invites us to put our faith into action, stewarding the resources God has given us to redeem all of creation. Part of investing your super in good things is also making sure your super isn’t invested in bad things, and Christian Super has been leading the way in ethical investing for over a decade. So why not take action today? Join in minutes, and you’ll be joining one of the fastest growing industry super funds in Australia. Our in house Member Care Team are here to help you, no matter if you are just starting out or moving towards a purposeful retirement. We can also help you out with some great insurance products, and can even help you find and consolidate your lost super, saving you time and money.