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About Christian Super

We believe that God invites us to put our faith into action with everything we do, including how we steward our super. Learn more

Our default My Ethical Super investment option has returned an average of 7.2% over the past 10 years. Learn more

As an industry super fund all profits ultimately benefit members. We are one of the fastest growing funds in Australia, and currently serve over 29,000 members.

Our in-house Member Care Team are here to serve and support our members at every stage of their journey to a purposeful retirement.

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Ethical investments with Christian values

As Christians we understand that everything we have is a gift from God, including our super. God freely invites us to be faithful stewards of our finances, and that’s why we take our approach to investing very seriously. We screen all of our investments to prayerfully consider if they align with what the Bible teaches. As a result:

We choose to invest in companies that are environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and financially strong.

We choose to invest in companies that are ethical, honest, professional and accountable.

We avoid investing your money in companies that violate human rights.

We avoid supporting industries that use exploitation or predatory practices.

We avoid industries that produce addictive or harmful goods and services.

Investing with impact

Around 10% of our investment options are in impact investments which are investments that grow your investment while also having a positive social or environmental impact. Here are a few of our many impact investments around the world:

Transforming coffee farming families in South America through Thrive Coffee Farms. Learn more

Helping young people in Australia leave statutory care through Youth CONNECT. Learn more

Improving the lives of data workers in Nepal through Cloudfactory. Learn more

Providing specialised disability accomodation in Australia through Casa Capace. Learn more

Generating renewable energy and transforming communities through solar projects all over the world. Learn more

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Switching super funds is easier than you might think. If you’d like to join Christian Super, simply follow these three steps:

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2. Set up your account
Let your employer know where to pay your super, and you can also combine your super accounts. Learn more
3. Watch your super grow
You can have peace of mind that your super is invested in good things and growing for a purposeful retirement. We’ll be there to help at every stage.

How to Choose the Right Super Fund For You

We have put together a handy free guide with 5 tips to help you choose the right super fund for you.


What others say about Christian Super

“… delivering not only a great ethical super fund, but also retaining a sharp focus on delivering a prudent and sound investment approach for members.”
Simon O’Connor, CEO Responsible Investment Association Australasia.
“I love Christian Super! It’s literally putting my money where my mouth is. Knowing that it’s invested ethically, and that it gets a good return is a double whammy!”
Matt, Pastor (QLD)
“I’m a Christian, but I’m not with Christian Super because of your name. I’m with you because of your ethical and sustainable investment options and I recommend people to you for this reason, even to people who don’t follow Jesus.”
Tabitha (NSW)

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